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DeccoFloor Flexible Concrete
DeccoFloor - Concreto Flexible
DeccoFloor Flexible Concrete


At Blender Group® we champion innovative products that have developed a flexible concrete thanks to DeccoFloor.® This concrete has a high decorative value, fine texture, adaptable to all types of solutions that modern architecture requires. It is designed to create unique spaces over different types of environment.


Blender Group® and DeccoFloor® are well known to offer products that have a low thickness, which provide extreme flexibility and resistance to weather stress, DeccoFloor® is perfect for a quick and easy installation that needs very low maintenance. 



DeccoFloor Microtp +

New Formula: Powerful concrete mix with micronized mineral charges, ceramic particles, and high standard additives to provide an extreme flexibility and resistance.



DeccoFloor Basecoat

Designed to smooth surfaces with leveling differences from 1 mm to 5 mm. It has a natural charge of thick grain size, which provides high resistance without losing its flexibility and adhesion attributes. 





Decorative element based on iron particles with a rusty effect. This provides innovate esthetic quality that gives the cement a nice rustic look. 



DeccoFloor Rustik

Is a powerful concrete mix with thick grain size aggregates and high standard additives emulsified by a polymer. It has stone texture and rustic look for an outside decoration. 




DeccoFloor - Concreto Flexible