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Densifiers and Hardeners
densificadores y endurecedores
Densifiers and Hardeners


SEAL HARD is a proprietary, colorless, environmentally safe chemical solution that increases the wear surface strength of concrete floors subjected to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. SEAL HARD penetrates concrete surfaces to seal, dustproof, densify and harden them. SEAL HARD floors last longer, cost less to maintain, are safe to use, and are guaranteed to resist dusting for years after application.



Lithium silicate chemical sealer, hardener and densifier.

LiON HARD® is a VOC-free, environmentally friendly lithium silicate concrete floor densifier and hardener. This product penetrates bare concrete surfaces and transforms them into a permanently dust free floor with a prideful gloss that gets better with age.  This product may be applied to new and existing, cured concrete as a chemical hardener, dustproofer and densifier to improve surface durability and appearance. LION HARD is also very effective on polished concrete surfaces to harden, densify and protect their attractive and durable finish.



Chemical sealant, hardener and densifier for concrete

CHEM HARD chemically reacts with soft free lime and calcium carbonate compounds in concrete forming dense, insoluble, chemically resistant flint-like surfaces. CHEM HARD is a VOC-compliant, colorless solution of a carefully controlled concentration of 100% active sodium silicate chemicals with a non-acid penetrant.CHEM HARD may be applied to fresh or hardened concrete as a chemical hardener and dustproofer


Hardening mineral aggregate for flat concrete floors

QUARTZPLATE FF is a ready-mixed, scientifically graded, 98% pure quartz silica aggregate, dry shake hardener. It has been specifically engineered for early application to concrete floors that are designed to conform to a specific floor flatness designation as outlined in ACI 117 and ASTME-1155.



Aggregate Hardener-Trap Rock

L&M TRAP ROCK is a combination of 100% graded trap rock and portland cement. It is a polyhedral shaped, abrasion resistant, chemically inert, non-absorbent aggregate produced from igneous rock. This dense mineral aggregate is crushed into a polyhedral shape. It is carefully graded to assist ease of placement. This results in interlocking dense mass that produces high performance floors for abrasion resistance.



Emery Aggregate, Dry Shake Surface Hardener with Flatness Enhancer 

EMERYPLATE FF is the industry's high strength dry shake for industrial concrete floors requiring additional abrasion resistance. It is the first emery aggregate dry shake surface hardener designed specifically for early application to concrete floors that must conform to a specific flatness designation as outlined in ACI-117 and ASTME-1155





densificadores y endurecedores