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Since its inception, BLENDER has transformed the world of Construction and Concrete, innovating the industry, by using materials and procedures to confirm that "nothing is written" and that it is always possible to improve for the customer's benefit.
We offer a wide variety of ideas with harmonized, streamlined and user-friendly solutions for the construction, which come to you through a truly professional service based on our high capacity and expertise to respond to market needs.
At BLENDER, we focus our efforts and attention every day to get the accurate results required by our customers. With that we realized our corporate mission: "Always offer solutions in an agile, friendly and safe manner for Construction".
At BLENDER, we value the same as you: responsibility, honesty, loyalty and reliability; that’s why we say that every customer is a friend who always deserves a warm response, that gives tranquility, ability and freedom in his work as a builder, distributor or end user.
Our strategic alliances with manufacturers, builders, contractors, specifiers and Experts on Concrete and Construction in general, have enabled us to establish ourselves as the most reliable brand manufacturers, with more experience and openness to innovation, currently available in the domestic market.