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CRYSTEX is a long work time, ready-mixed, high strength, highly fluid, controlled expansion grout with superior dynamic load stability.

CRYSTEX contains a balanced blend of washed and graded aggregates, portland cement, plasticizing agents, and a proprietary shrinkage compensating system, which guarantees controlled positive expansion in all directions. The positive expansion remains constant throughout the life of the grout. CRYSTEX is scientifically proportioned and ready for use at any consistency from plastic to fluidGeneral Purpose, Non-Shrink Structural Grout


BLENDER GROUT® is a ready-mixed, non-shrink, nonmetallic, flowable, high-strength structural grout. DURAGROUT contains a balanced blend of washed and graded silica sands, portland cement, flow improvement compounds, and a shrinkage compensating system which produces a volume stable structural grout.



Structural precision Grout without contraction 

PREMIER is a grout with a ready-to-use mix, durable, no-contraction, non-metallic and high smoothness and resistance.  

PREMIER has a balanced mixture with quartz aggregates highly qualified, cement, plasticizing agents and compensated contraction system. All these ingredients and their mix provide a positive and controlled expansion, which secures a permanent contact with the base and no contraction at all. PREMIER remained stable and without issues when exposed to compressive charges, hits, lateral forces, high temperatures or continuous vibration. This product is scientifically proportioned and is ready for use on any consistency. (Dry-Fluid).