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System Supplies
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System Supplies


FGS HARDENER PLUS is a proprietary, chemical hardening solution that is formulated to increase the wear resistance and surface strength of concrete floors that have been mechanically ground, smoothed, and polished. When used in conjunction with the patented FGS PERMASHINE® FLOOR POLISHING PROCESS, FGS HARDENER PLUS penetrates diamond ground and polished concrete wear surfaces to harden, seal, densify, and waterproof them. Polished concrete floors treated with FGS HARDENER PLUS last longer than conventional concrete floors, cost less to maintain, reflect light better, hold a shine longer, are safe to use, and are guaranteed to resist dusting for a minimum of ten years. FGS HARDENER PLUS is a water-based, VOC-compliant, odorless and environmentally safe component of this process.



Substrate Technology

Within the PERMASHINE system for polished floors, created by L & M Construction Chemicals Inc., it is very important to have a professional team that meets the ideal characteristics needed to obtain an excellent finished surface where the system is being implemented. As such, the FGS Permashine system can be applied in a wide range of brands from the floor finish market; however, below we present one of the brands that, from the experience of our own customers, has been one of the most consistent, with a team highly capable of working efficiently in addition to providing professional services and technical advice.




FGS Concrete Conditioner. Cleaner and conditioner for polished concrete floors.

FGS Concrete Conditioner is a proprietary concrete cleaner and conditioner designed for on-going maintenance of hardened polished concrete surfaces. This product is highly concentrated and contains state-of-the-art wetting and emulsifying agents. FGS Concrete Conditioner is specifically manufactured to be used for maintenance of FGS PERMASHINE® Floors.

FGS Concrete Conditioner is a mild, concentrated cleaner that contains a measured amount of chemical densifier to aid in maintaining the gloss of your FGS PermaShine floor. In addition to economically cleaning your floor, regular use of FGS Concrete Conditioner will help to restore slight, microscopic wear, called micro-pitting, that accompanies normal floor usage. Many cleaners leave a slight residue that over time may compromise the non-slip nature of the floor. For safety assurances, FGS Concrete Conditioner has been formulated to rinse clean and not effect the slip profile of your floor.



VIVID DYES®. Translucent dyes for polished concrete.

L&M Vivid Concrete Dye is formulated using extremely fine molecules of color designed to penetrate and color any cementitious surface.Vivid Concrete Dye was created for use with FGS PermaShine polished concrete floor system, but can be used as a base color or touch up for acid stained concrete or as a coloring agent itself. Always apply the dye in a sample area first in order to confirm desired color.

VIVID DYES is a system that allows you to give life and color to concrete surfaces both horizontally and vertically, through translucent dyes that are applied to concrete with polished finishes.



These are ideal for the application of acetone based Vivid Dyes®, L & M Constructions Chemicals Inc., with different nozzles for when specific sprays are required. The sprayer has a capacity of 3.5 gallons (13 liters).





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