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Blender Group® has always been known as a company that seeks constant innovation in processes of Construction, Maintenance and Repair of Concrete in the Construction Industry.

BLENDER Rocalite® essentially is a concrete formulated with micrometric components. Pozzolans, superfine aggregates, additives, synthetic fibers and Portland Cement type portland. Their behavior and resistance are superior to those of common concrete.

The MCR BLENDER Rocalite® after setting is: waterproof, becomes higher than the common concrete resistance, adheres to almost any surface and is dimensionally stable, ie no contracts, it will not crack or is drained. For these characteristics their uses are varied and highly effective.

Main applications:

Waterproof coating for roofs, cisterns, fountains, planters, pools and any constructive element in contact with water.
It is ideal for coastal areas as coatings resist the attack of the brine, which can be coated and thereby protect structures deteriorate regularly for that reason.
Eliminates humidity and saltpeter of walls.
Repararador and patching cracks in concrete elements, whether structural or filling.
New concrete adhesive to old concrete.
Grout to anchor machinery, structural panels and fillings that require dimensional stability.
Hardener and dimensional stabilizer newly cast concrete surfaces with common concrete, to prevent cracking.
Manufacture of monolithic floors without expansion joints, finished smoothing microcemento type.
Manufacture of kitchen counters, floors mold, patterned coatings and coatings with various aggregates: seashells, sand, glass, acrylic, fiber optics, etc.
Manufacture of panels for facades with exposed concrete finishes millimeter.

Other Applications:

Translucent concrete.
Manufacturing synthetic stones.
Monolithic finishes for bathrooms and kitchens.
Protective coating for metal structures.
Making sculptures.
MCR apparent facade.
Contemporary finishes.
Concrete slabs.
Emptying decorative pieces.
Floor coverings and wall prints.
Blocks with unusual decorative aggregates.

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