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FGS PermaShine System
sistema fgs permashine
FGS PermaShine System


FGS Permashine®

It is a patented roughing and dry polishing process that brings benefits such being able to work in limited areas with no dust during the process, as well as  getting excellent brightness and colors, along with long-term benefits in terms of maintenance costs and increased duration and safety of your slip resistant floor, ALL IN ONE SYSTEM!

10 POWERFUL Reasons why you should invest in a concrete floor with the FGS Permashine® System. An L & M Constructions Chemicals Inc exclusive system.

1. Low Initial Investment:

FGS Permashine® is a system that is applied only once, unlike epoxy and acrylic floors. It is a treatment that works directly with the components of the concrete. It is NOT paint, NOT a coating, NOT a sealant, NOT a film

2. Quick Installation:

FGS Permashine® is a PATENTED system with a dry and dust-free process... Unlike anything else in the market!

3. It reduces your costs:

FGS Permashine® is a system that only requires two things to maintain its luster: FGD Conditioner and water. Forget expensive, slow and continuous maintenance, with products like waxes, acrylic sealants, soaps, and others. Ask about the cost of maintaining a floor with FGS Permashine®. You will know how much money you're not saving per month!

4. You choose the Brightness:

FGS Permashine® is a system that allows you to choose the level of brightness according to your taste and budget.

5. You choose the color:

FGS Permashine® is a system that gives life to your floor with different systems and colors. It can be applied with Vivid Dyes or hardener color.

6. You will have Durable Floors:

FGS Permashine® is a system with high resistance to abrasion since the floors are densified and hardened. 

7. You will have Protected Floors

FGS Permashine®, due to its siliconate-based formula, prevents the penetration of oil and wheel stains.

8. You will have Safe Floors:

FGS Permashine® is a system that complies with the high-traction floors insurance certification from the National Floor Safety Institute, which evaluates the security levels of the floors in buildings.

9. Environmental Floors:

FGS Permashine® is a system that acknowledges the trends in construction, so it complies with environmental standards, as it has LEED certification, developed by the US Green Building Council, which indicates that this system and the products it uses do not endanger the environment                  .

10. Satisfaction Guaranteed:

FGS Permashine® is a high-performance system, with a written guarantee that extends to up to 10 years.

sistema fgs permashine